15 Chicken Breast Recipes That Are NOT Boring

Chicken breast recipes have a bad rap for being boring. No more! Get inspired with these juicy, flavorful and healthy recipes you’ll want to make again and again.

Buttermilk and Herb Chicken Breasts

Fresh herbs retain much of their flavor in the freezer, making them great tools for infusing chicken breasts with vibrancy after a deep freeze.

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Miso-Marinated Chicken Breast

Grilled chicken breast is marinated in salty, earthy, and funky miso for a delicious probiotic punch.

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Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Arugula & Lemon

Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat Cheese

Chicken breasts stuffed with a mixture of tangy goat cheese, peppery arugula and fresh-tasting lemon zest have a flavorful creaminess in every bite.

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Hawaiian Chicken Breasts

Pineapple gives this chicken marinade a sweet kick, while a finish on the grill brings out even more fiery-fruity flavors.

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Cilantro Chicken

Cilantro adds flavor to these fresh and easy baked chicken breasts

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Spicy Raspberry Balsamic Chicken Breasts with Orange Broccoli Bulgur

RaspberryBalsamicChickenBreasts Dinner 30 Chicken

Our elegant dish is as beautiful as it is delicious. This Clean Eating recipe comes together so quickly you can serve it for a fancy dinner party or a typical weeknight.

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Pizza-Stuffed Chicken

All your favorite pizza flavors — marinara, cheese and pepperoni — stuffed into a chicken breast for lots of flavor with fewer carbs. 

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Braised Chicken Breasts & Green Beans with Tomatoes & Lemon

Braised Chicken Breasts and Green Beans with Tomato and Lemon

This dish combines tender chicken breasts with a zest of lemon and juicy tomatoes. The green beans provide a crunchy side to this flavorful meal.

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Hasselback Chicken with Tomato Artichoke Sauce

A trick to keeping chicken breast juicy and flavorful? Brine it in salt water as we do in this easy recipe. This makes for a complete meal, thanks to a vibrant side of tomatoes and artichokes. 

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Mango Mojito Chicken

MangoMojitoChicken Dinner 30 Chicken

Bring the refreshing flavors of summer to this satisfying and deceptively simple dinner.

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Grilled Lemon Chicken & Avocado with Shishito Peppers & Lemon Crema

If you aren’t grilling avocados, you are missing out! Grilling avocados makes them creamy and smokey, and serving them with grilled chicken breasts and shishito peppers makes a satisfying meal.

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Chicken & Wild Mushroom Casserole

Chicken and Wild Mushroom Casserole

This warm and comforting casserole pairs well with steamed broccoli or a green salad.

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Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes, Fennel & Fresh Thyme

Skillet chicken dutch oven recipe

If your family’s main complaint about boneless, skinless chicken breast is that it’s dry, then braising may be your answer! The slow-and-low technique keeps meat moist.

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Creamy Mushroom & Tarragon Chicken with Green Beans

Sherry adds a rich nutty note to this mushroom sauce, which we’ve made extra-creamy by stirring in tangy cream cheese.

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Balsamic Chicken

Juicy and tender, this baked chicken recipe is a quick and easy meal. It will quickly become a weeknight staple.

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