2-Week Winter Weight-Loss Meal Plan

Meal plans get right to the point, don’t they? Eat this. Eat that. Move on. Nevertheless, a critical component of successful lifelong nutrition is finding foods and eating intervals that work for your goals and lifestyle. Therefore, while this issue’s meal plan provides a succinct template on how to eat for optimal health, body composition and sustainability, nothing is set in stone. If you find a couple of meals and snacks you thoroughly enjoy, repeat them. If you come across a dish that you’re allergic or intolerant to, simply swap in one of your favorites from the other 69 meal options available. And for vegetarians, we provide plant alternatives for most of the meals that incorporate animal protein.

As with all clean-eating fare, the foundation of this meal plan is unprocessed, whole foods. We kept the ingredients and foods consistent so you don’t need to pitch a tent outside your local supermarket. And we provided all of the nutritional information for each day’s plan, along with several recipes to make the next 14 days a no-brainer.

Calories will vary between 1,500 and 1,700 per day. But don’t get fanatical about calorie counting. Focus on eating healthy foods and tuning into your body’s messages about hunger and energy requirement. When you do that consistently, you’ll be just fine. In addition, the macronutrients are balanced to increase energy during the day and regulate appetite. Some days you may need to eat more, some days less. Don’t let the numbers overrule how your body is feeling.

Here Are A Few Other Pointers

  • Try to buy locally grown and organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • If you wish to cut down on or avoid meat products, feel free to substitute a plant protein equivalent such as tofu, tempeh, seitan or any legume.
  • When protein powder is designated in a recipe or menu option, use what you’re comfortable with such as whey, soy, rice, hemp or egg.
  • When a recipe or menu option calls for skim milk, use the type – such as cow’s, goat’s, soy, rice, hemp or almond milk – you prefer.

Download the Shopping List & Meal Plan here.

The Recipes

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