39% WW triple levain w/ Holy Trinity add ins Pullman Loaf

39% WW triple levain w/ Holy Trinity add ins Pullman Loaf

Talk about beautiful and easy ! I have another started as soon as I saw  and smelled this one! It’s got RYW and white levain and rye levain . It’s got honey/EVVO/buttermilk in equal parts. It’s in my big Pullman . It’s almost hands free except dropping it into the rising bucket and then the buttered Pullman. 

335g T65 

335g Rouge de Bordeaux fresh milled

70g Semola Rimacinata 

28g rye

150 YW

310 H2O

42g each honey/ EVOO/buttermilk 

126g levain ( combo rye and white) 

13 g salt

 autolyse a couple hrs  all the WW Semolina rye with all the YW and levains and trinity and water . Put it in the KA and mix on one while adding T65 then on 2 for 5 min while sprinkling in salt. Should clean bowl add drops of water or flour as needed . Place in oiled container warm spot till 30-50% growth took only a couple hrs in a sunny window . Grease large Pullman with real butter and “ plop” the dough in. No shaping needed. Let rise 30 min room temp then into fridge overnight… doesn’t matter exact timing. Preheat oven 375 bake covered 30 min uncovered 20 min or till golden and 209 degrees or so. Remove from pan and cool . Try to contain your excitement and let it cool before slicing 😊See below picture. This is why there no s&f’s. Perfect gluten development with 5 min in the KA.