50% Freshly ground WW Tin Loaf

50% Freshly ground WW Tin Loaf

We had some voracious bread eaters staying over Christmas (always nice to see your bread consumed enthusiastically!), so I needed to replenish supplies rapidly.

I decided upon a variation of Gavin’s 100% freshly ground WW loaf, for which he kindly provided the recipe here.

  • I used an overnight 100% hydration levain at 15%
  • overall hydration 72%
  • 6% honey
  • 6% EVOO
  • 1% fresh yeast
  • baked in a big 9.5 x 5 x 4.5″ tin and a smaller tapered vintage tin

Fast bulk and fast final proof – fresh yeast really makes things motor – if you’re lucky enough to have it available.

Good loft and tasty eating. Of course the volume is easier to get when you are only using 50% fresh ground flour.