A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Sourdough

Sourdough doesn’t have to be intimidating or require scientific calculations! I’m sharing all my tips on the lazy girls’ guide to sourdough. Easy, doable, fun and delicious!

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bubbling fed sourdough starter in plastic bucket

Ok, let’s talk sourdough. 

It’s all the craze this year thanks to yeast shortages and quarantine baking, but it’s been on the rise (haha, get it? ok, sorry) for a lot of years, and in general, it’s been around for pretty much forever. 

I’ve kept a sourdough starter off and on for about ten years now. I’m certainly NOT a sourdough expert, but I have figured out how to make sourdough easy and fun. 

Contrary to popular belief and what a lot of sourdough experts will tell you, keeping a sourdough starter and baking with it doesn’t have to be intimidating, scientific, or intense.

Today I’m sharing my lazy girl’s guide to sourdough. If you’ve ever wanted to try keeping a sourdough starter, I’m here to help you realize you can do it (and it’s actually simple and stress-free!). 


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