Adventures in milling: Rye.

Adventures in milling: Rye.

Wow. I haven’t milled anything since fall 2020. The pandemic, moving during the pandemic, and life’s hassles.

Milling is currently a 2 step process for me:

  1. Crack the grain in a hand-crank 3-roller Shule brand mill. 
  2. Run the cracked grain through a Vitamix blender for 30 seconds.

If I don’t crack the grain first, the grain scratches and clouds the plastic container, takes longer to grind, and heats up more.

You can see the Shule “mill” in this other person’s blog page:
in the first photo. The Shule is the pink box on the left. And it’s the mill featured in the 4th photo. Again, that page is not mine. I’m just using it as reference.

Here’s the same mill at Amazon, where it goes by the name Norpro:

Label from bag: (purchased from )


Here’s the output of the 3-roller mill in a bag. I think I used setting “1.” (Don’t hold me to that. I won’t be able to verify until the next time I mill, as I might have changed the setting when I cleaned it.) The fines and smaller particles settle to the bottom:


Here’s the output of the 3-roller mill next to the whole kernals for size comparison:


Here’s what passes through a #20 seive, it has been shaken so that the larger particles float to the top:


Here’s a side by side comparison of what is retained in the #20 seive (on the left) with what paases through the #20 seive (on the right):