Benny’s 50% WW Hokkaido

Benny’s 50% WW Hokkaido

Ok, so it took me WAY too long to make this after salivating over all of Benny’s iterations of his lovely Hokkaido loaves, but I finally did it.  Thanks to Benny’s very detailed and clear instructions, my first Hokkaido loaf was a success (though I need to get some of his super yeast so I can replicate the explosive rise he gets!)

I just finished my first two slices of this loaf, and it is delicious! A nice, soft crumb with just a bit of sweetness.  Toasts up perfectly, and was just wonderful with a light spread of raspberry jam.  Looking forward to a sandwich for lunch!

Anyway, here’s my version of Benny’s 50% Hokkaido Milk Loaf…….


My bread flour was KA

My WW flour was freshly home milled white winter wheat from Central Milling

My bulk and proof temps were 82F (4.5 hours bulk, 6.25 hours final), and I did chill the dough prior to rolling

I will now shamelessly copy all of Benny’s lovely bread photo angles……. :). THANKS BENNY!