Cheesecake Bars

These Cheesecake Bars with their silky smooth filling and buttery graham cracker crust are a simple way to make classic cheesecake for a crowd. Top these bars with your favorite fruit-based sauce, caramel, or even chocolate ganache for so many ways to customize them. 

If you happened to catch my recipe for Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding, you might remember me telling you that we like to treat our chiropractor to sweet treats.

Sure, those treats might help us out when we need to be squeezed into his schedule, but he’s also the absolute nicest guy. And not to mention, he’s very enthusiastic with with his dessert reviews – which is something that I just adore about him.

We took him several pieces of these cheesecake bars a few weeks ago and he hasn’t stopped talking about them since. Even proclaiming this cheesecake recipe to be better than his mom’s “blue ribbon winning cheesecake.” And I think that’s saying something.

Although these cheesecake bars are pretty basic, I think the crust is what makes them better than “blue ribbon winning.” It’s little on the thicker side, extra buttery, and the hint of cinnamon adds just a little something special.


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