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The first time I tasted this cookie was in the early 1990s. I was living in Portland Oregon at the time and I had gone for coffee with a friend to a trendy coffee shop. Chocolate Fudge Cookies, also known as Chocolate Rads, are like a chocolate torte only in cookie form. They are instantly recognizable with their shiny cracked surface. When you break one open, you will find that the inside is wonderfully soft and fudgy. They have an intense chocolate flavor, and that comes from adding a whooping one pound (450 grams) of melted dark chocolate to the batter, along with dark and white chocolate chips. The chocolate lover is in for a real treat with this cookie.

This Chocolate Fudge Cookie batter is not like most cookie batters where we beat the butter and sugar until creamy, and then beat in the eggs and flour. Instead, the batter is made like a torte or sponge cake, that is, by first beating the sugar and eggs until the mixture is thick and pale yellow in color. Then the rest of the ingredients are simply folded in. First, a mixture of melted dark chocolate (can use semi sweet or bittersweet chocolate) and butter. Next, a little flour, baking powder, and salt. The final step is to fold in white and dark chocolate chips, along with some chopped nuts (pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds). The batter does need to be chilled so it is firm enough to form into cookies. The important thing is not to over bake the cookies. They are done when they are set around the edges, yet the centers of the cookies are still soft. The top surface of the cookies will be shiny with cracks.

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Article and Demonstration by Stephanie Jaworski

Photo and Videography by Rick Jaworski

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