Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie

This Coconut Cream Pie tops a shortbread cookie crust with a coconut filling and pillowy whipped cream. Add toasted coconut on top for the perfect finish!

Are you more of a cake person or a pie person?

When it comes to actual baking, I tend to be more of a cake person. I struggle with traditional pie crusts, so I’m way more likely to make cake recipes or cheesecake recipes than most pies.

But when it comes to eating, I’m an equal-opportunity dessert lover. I don’t think I’ve met a pie I didn’t like, whether it was Pecan Pie or Strawberry Pie or this Coconut Cream Pie.

And the best part of this Coconut Cream Pie? No tricky crust to make. Even if you’re a little afraid of pies like I am, you can totally make this one!


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