Copycat Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Recipe {Pressure Cooker or Slow Cooker}

Well, finally, here’s my go-to copycat Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe (could easily be called Costa Vida pork or any of the other sweet pork establishments!). It’s just as delicious as the real thing and so easy!

Copycat sweet pork in white tray with a scoop being lifted with tongs.

Over the years I’ve made several recipes for sweet pork, but I’ve never fully committed to an all-out, best-ever recipe. Until today. 

These smothered sweet pork burritos are fantastic. And this slow cooker sweet tomatillo chipotle pork is to die for. But neither of those are a bona fide copycat (haha) recipe for a total Cafe Rio/Costa Vida sweet pork knockoff.

Even though there are a lot of copycat recipes online, a quick look into sweet pork land shows basically the same recipe floating around with a few variations here and there. I used those older knockoff recipes as a starting place, experimented like crazy, and came up with the best sweet pork in the history of ever.

After making this copycat Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe for 100+ people at my cousins’ wedding luncheon, I knew it was the real deal. Sweet and mildly spicy, the tender pork is brimming with saucy, delicious flavor. In other words: it’s incredible.


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