Danish style wholegrain loaf

Danish style wholegrain loaf

Extremely flavorful and tasty. Amazing crust! 

Stage 1

100g rye flour

100g lukewarm water

10g rye starter

Mix into a ball, let ferment 12-16 hours,  until expanded, spongy and light colored inside and smelling acidic

Stage 2

All of the above 

650g lukewarm water

650g rye flour 

100g sunflower seeds 

100g flax seeds

30g salt

Bread spices, if desired (I used ground caraway) 

Mix everyting together. It will be relatively stiff. Let ferment 10-14 hours, depending on temperature and your schedule. The dough has to expand,  be spongy inside and show pinholes on the outside. You can speed this process up or slow it down by placing your bowl in warmer or cooler place. 

Stage 3

All of the above 

500g whole wheat flour 

400g dark beer or bread kvas

150-200g lukewarm water, as needed

Mix preferment with beer, mix in the flour, add small amounts of water until you’re happy with the consistency of the dough. It has to be really soft. Let rest 20 minutes. Place in prepared pans. Let proof in a lukewarm place until the dough reaches the rim of the pan. Dock or score. Brush generously with water, sprinkle with seeds, pushing them gently in. Bake in descending temperature:  475/10 minutes,  425/20 minutes, 395/30 minutes, until dark brown and sounds hollow when thumped on the bottom. Remove from pans, brush again with water and let cool completely before slicing 

This amount of dough made one large ikea pan and one 8×4 in. I will have to adjust next time for two big pans.