Easy One Pot Beef and Broccoli Ramen Noodles

This easy one pot beef and broccoli ramen noodles recipe is fast, flavorful, and perfect for a busy weeknight! You can easily use ground beef or leave it meatless, too.

Lifting up ramen noodles with beef and broccoli out of pot with one fork.

Confession: my kids love ramen noodles. Second confession: I never buy ramen for them. Maybe it’s because I’m still detoxing 20 years later for all the ramen I ate in college, but I just can’t do it. {Thank you faithful church youth leaders and grandma who have gotten wind of this and buy my boys a case of ramen each year on their birthday.}

While I’m not the biggest ramen-in-its-purest-form fan, I don’t really have anything against using the squiggly little noodles in other recipes. If you’ve been around long enough, you probably remember this kicked up ramen noodles recipe. We’re still making it eight years later because it is so simple and good, and it’s the recipe that inspired me to try some different variations.

Because we are huge broccoli beef fans, I firstly wanted to figure out a way to combine quick ramen noodles + the flavors of broccoli beef. Can it be done? Oh yes, it can. And wow, is it delicious.


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