Fresh Summer Finds

Grow a garden, reach new health goals, become wine savvy and travel the world
from your couch with these summer launches.

Feed Your Wanderlust

Inspire your next travel destination from the comfort of
home with Street Food: Latin America, launching on Netflix this July.
Explore the vivacious
world of traditional South American fare
and accompany award-winning creators David Gelb and Brian McGinn as they travel to six different countries to showcase the variety of tantalizing foods around the continent and the diverse stories of the chefs, vendors, traditions and politics behind them.

Tour American Cuisine 

Join Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi as she explores the changing landscape of American cuisine
on her new show launching on Hulu this summer. Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi travels across the United States visiting indigenous and immigrant communities in
10 different cities over 10 half-hour episodes to find out what American food looks like today.

Become An Oenophile 

Love wine? Take your passion to new heights and become an oenophile – someone who not only enjoys wine but is thoroughly knowledgeable about it. Thanks to Big Cork Vineyards, you and your crew can take part in free weekly virtual wine tastings. Order the wines used in the tasting and then tune in to sip and learn live with Master Winemaker Dave Collins every Wednesday evening. Bottles can be ordered from their website and shipped to 10-plus states listed on the site. Order six or more and get free shipping! Find out which wines you need for a virtual tasting the week before on Big Cork Vineyards’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Garden Like a Pro

Get ready to get your hands dirty because professional gardener and author John Tullock has compiled years of acquired gardening wisdom in his latest tome, Grow Food at Home. Whether you have acres of yard, a quaint balcony or a window, Tullock shows readers how easy it is to enjoy farm-fresh produce made with your own hands. In fact, the less space you have, the more you’ll get out of this book, with many topics tailored to small-space gardening. $20, The Countryman Press

Do Good By Your Gut 

At Clean Eating, we’ve often discussed the importance of fermented foods for optimal gut health, so we’d be remiss not to mention lifelong fermenter Andy Hamilton’s latest book, Fermenting Everything, out now. Whether you’ve never heard of kimchi or kombucha or you’re an old hand at fermentation, this book is a compilation of seemingly endless recipes for any skill level. $22, The Countryman Press

Make Charity a Priority 

That’s exactly what Bay Area food brand Amy’s Kitchen did through exceptional charitable services during the COVID-19 crisis. The company donated over 150,000 meals to US food banks, delivered 6,000 surgical masks to local hospitals and provided free meals to Bay Area hospitals and to medical staff and first responders at their drive- through locations. They’re also protecting their workers with masks and eye gear, offering paid leave to staff over 65 years old and adjusting operations so more people can work from home.