Good morning

Good morning

Good morning. It’s the television personality Alton Brown’s birthday today (he’s 56). That’s as good excuse as any to remind you of Kim Severson’s great profile of Brown from a couple of years ago, and to give you his recipes for Arctic char burgers and breakfast carbonara (above), either of which would make for a fine dinner this evening — at least if you’re not up in Quebec in the chilly rain, cooking spinach risotto with taleggio instead.

Those char burgers in particular are bomber. Make them with salmon if you can’t find char. You don’t even need buns. Put them on mixed greens and serve with rice. Or just put them on mixed greens.

What else to cook this week? Nevermind Meghan and Harry. The pairing a lot of people in my shop are obsessing over right now is Tomato and Basil — and here are quite a few recipes that help tell their story.

You could make inside-out lamb cheeseburgers for dinner real soon, with a broccoli salad on the side, and mango lassi sherbet for dessert.

You could, as my colleague Emily suggested on Friday, make chicken Milanese with tomato, mozzarella and basil. You could have a summery berry-stacked shortcake for dessert.

Want to win friends and influence people at your place of work or worship? Bring in a fresh strawberry Bundt cake to share. Really!