Green Your Routine

Save water, reduce waste and take a much-needed break from harsh chemicals with these earth-friendly products.

Wool Power

Say goodbye to chemical-laced dryer sheets. Five Two Wool Dryer Balls are handmade from pure New Zealand wool, come in a palette of soft colors and will cut drying time by 25%. From $20,

Smell You Later 

Made from bamboo fiber and sporting a modern wooden handle, the Bamboozle Composter neatly holds kitchen scraps while the carbon filter prevents nasty odors from escaping. $40,

Ditch The Dustpan 

Dust bunnies begone! Sweep pet hair, dirt and debris toward the EyeVac Professional and it magically sucks it out of sight. $139, Use code CleanEating15 at checkout to save $15 on any model.

Screen Saver

Like a force field for your electronic devices, TechTonic Screen Cleaner contains polymers that repel fingerprints and dust to keep your screens smudge-free. $15,

Go With the Flow

Save gallons with the Waterpik 7-Mode PowerPulse Handheld Shower with Easy Select. The pause feature slows the flow to a trickle while you lather, loofah or shave – a must for conserving water. $35,

Gleaming Floors

Editors’ Pick: You don’t need harsh cleansers to keep your floors free of dust and bacteria – in fact, you don’t need any detergent at all: The E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop gets your hardwood, stone or laminate squeaky clean using only H20. $40,