Guide to Baking with Yeast {New and Improved}

All of your questions answered about baking with yeast at home! This comprehensive guide to baking with yeast can help anyone tackle the world of bread and roll making at home with confidence. 

Easy Homemade French Bread

This fall, I have some super amazing yeast recipes coming your way (like, they’re going to knock your socks off), and in preparation for that, I felt it was high time to update my working with yeast tutorial so that anyone who feels like they want to tackle the world of baking with yeast can do so with confidence and success. 

If you feel intimidated at the thought of baking with yeast, you aren’t alone! That is a very, very common feeling and a sentiment I hear a lot through comments and emails here on the blog. However, because I also hear so many ridiculously awesome success stories from those of you who have tried making bread or cinnamon rolls for the first (or second) time and come out feeling like a rock star, it’s my mission in life to make working and baking with yeast accessible to anyone and everyone.


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