Healthy Breakfast Cookies {Perfect for Snacks Too}

These nutrient-dense healthy breakfast cookies are super tasty AND are gluten-, egg- dairy- and refined sugar-free. They are the perfect breakfast or snack on the go!

baked healthy breakfast cookies on white plate

Ah, breakfast cookies. I resisted you for years. I stubbornly took issue with people trying to pass you off as a cookie-cookie. And you are not a cookie-cookie. 

What you are

a very delicious, lightly sweet, healthy, breakfast or snack option 

what you are not

an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

And guess what? That’s ok. You’re ok, little breakfast cookie. I think you can totally exist in a completely different space with value and self-respect.

My 14-year old would agree. He eats at least three of you after every wrestling practice.


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