Homemade Miso

Homemade Miso

I love miso if you haven’t noticed from some of my posts including my most recent Miso 100% WW Sourdough.  Not running out of miso requires advanced planning for a couple of reasons.  First it takes about a year to ferment the rich red miso that I love and having the koji rice on hand to make the miso.  We have a sake maker here in Toronto in the Distillery District which is a good walk from where I live and that is where I have purchased the frozen koji rice.

Making miso is actually quite simple the Aspergillus oryzae does most of the work albeit slowly.  For those unfamiliar Aspergillus oryzae is a type of mold that is really important in Japanese cuisine.  It is needed to ferment the soybeans to make miso and also to make good soy sauce.

Rather than post the recipe I followed again I’ll just link to my previous post which has all the details.

Homemade miso recipe.

Koji rice and salt

Cooked soybeans in food processor

processed soybeans

processed soybeans mixed with koji rice and salt

miso in jar and salt sprinkled on top

miso in jar with a bag of salt to weigh it down and now ready for 365 days of fermentation.