Janice and Ellie Hudgins

Janice and Ellie Hudgins

A private chef and mother of four teaches her eldest daughter to do the cooking

For me, because I’m cooking for everyone else, it’s usually a lot of tasting throughout the day. I usually don’t get really hungry for a big meal. So when it comes to actual meals, it’s whatever is quick and usually whatever I made for the kids. I’m not super conscious about what I’m eating when it comes to myself, which is the complete opposite of what I do every day for everyone else.

I was cooking a private dinner, so I probably didn’t have the best diet yesterday. The kids spent most of the day with my parents.

I had coffee for breakfast, a chicken gyro from Kairos and beef pho for dinner.

Making my kids breakfast can be challenging because they’re all allergic to eggs. Lately, my eldest Ellie has been helping out a lot because I’m so busy. She usually will take on breakfast on Saturday morning. She’ll pull out her vegan cookbook and make the kids scones like she did last Saturday and serve them some fruit for breakfast. She loves baking so Saturday mornings she experiments with different recipes. She made crepes by herself two weeks ago.

Yesterday, while I was working, my mom made breakfast for the kids. They ate cinnamon rolls with Vietnamese sweet rice. For lunch, she fed them beef stir fry with rice. And then for dinner at our house, with the babysitter’s supervision, Ellie made spaghetti.