Kitchen organization is key to having a positive experience

Kitchen organization is key to having a positive experience

Kitchen organization is key to having a positive experience cooking at home, but with so many gadgets and groceries, it can be tricky keeping this workhorse of a room in check. You may be wondering how to even begin tackling your collection of pots, pans and assortment of spices. But take heart, maintaining an efficient kitchen simply boils down to keeping everything in its place. And with just a few essentials, you can create a streamlined and functional kitchen — and relish the joys of cooking in one.

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Slice, Dice and Roll

If stacks of mail have been crowding your counterspace, maintain a dedicated prep surface on this rolling kitchen cart instead. With a stainless steel countertop, this cart is ideal for chopping vegetables or mixing vinaigrettes. But unlike most stationary islands, this cart has two drawers, two open shelves and two racks, and can be rolled out of the way when not in use.

Keep It In Arm’s Reach

Follow Julia Child’s example and install a pegboard on your kitchen wall to keep your pots, pans and cooking utensils organized and ready to go. This set comes with two metal pegboards and an assortment of hooks, to keep your cooking tools easily accessible. With both slots and holes, you can put a variety of hooks and differently sized gadgets on this pegboard, so you can forget about digging through your cupboards just to make dinner.

Hang It Up

If you don’t have wall space for a pegboard, try hanging this pot rack from your kitchen ceiling instead. This black enamel coated pot rack includes repositionable hooks, so you can hang your cooking pans and tools however you like. For an elegant touch, put a plant on the top shelf and let its leaves cascade down around your cooking tools.

Contain Your Ingredients

Say goodbye to paper sacks of flour and unsightly cardboard boxes crammed in your cupboards — and store your dry goods in these airtight glass canisters. This set of three differently sized canisters comes with wooden lids to keep your food fresh, and will make it easier to measure out ingredients while cooking. Try posting a label on each canister for a precise and organized look.

Display Your Spices

When you’ve got meat or vegetables sautéing in a skillet, rummaging through your cupboard looking for a spice jar is not ideal. Cut down on your stress in the kitchen by arranging all of your spices on this wall-mounted rack. Made of chicken wire and with four shelves for maximum storage space, this rack will make weeknight cooking so much easier.

Knives on the Wall

It might seem odd to keep your knives hung up on your wall, but savvy home cooks love being able to easily reach for the right knife while prepping. This 18” stainless steel knife holder has two strong magnetic strips to hold up your set of knives. Mount the holder above your usual chopping station and enjoy the extra counter space.

Pass the Salt

Transform your pantry organization by storing spices, dry ingredients or potatoes on this Lazy Susan. When you need to reach a box of rice pushed to the back of your kitchen pantry, simply turn the Lazy Susan around. Measuring 21 inches in circumference, this piece has a rich stain and elegantly carved divots.

Stack Away

If you’ve been searching for kitchen cabinet organizers, look no further than this large double shelf. Simple in concept, this shelf will make a big difference in your kitchen organization by providing extra levels to fully utilize your cabinet space. Made of steel with a white epoxy finish, this shelving set will help you neatly store plates, bowls or cans of soup.

Set the Table

When it’s time to sit down to dinner, make it easy on yourself and keep your utensils and bottle openers handy in this kitchen drawer organizer. Made of bamboo with eight differently sized slots, this utensil tray can expand on either side for extra storage. And don’t shy away from having a kitchen junk drawer — just keep it organized by popping this tray inside of it.

Drop it in a Basket

If you still need some extra storage, just drop your various items in this functional yet stylish wire basket. With handles on either end, this basket is an ideal kitchen cabinet organizer for high or low shelves, as it can easily be picked up or pulled down. And if you’ve got open shelving, you can stock up the basket while still maintaining a clean look.