Long Beach Chef Plates Wu-Tang Themed Brunch, Dinner Events

Long Beach Chef Plates Wu-Tang Themed Brunch, Dinner Events

One chef from Long Beach is organizing a pop-up feast based on the music he grew up with.

His name is AC Boral and he’s the founder of Rice & Shine, a private catering service that also features a touring pop-up restaurant serving an eight-course Filipino meal.

“It’s hard to stick with a set menu all the time,” Boral said. “That’s why I do pop-ups.”

In 2014, Boral began his pop-up venture to share his Filipino culture through food. Earlier this year, he decided to expand beyond his traditional Filipino menu.

“With the Wu-Tang idea in particular, it was just something I was doing for a friend’s birthday,” he said. “He has always loved Wu-Tang, so I thought it would be a cool thing to do.”


Wu-Tang Pop-Up: Ac Boral PopUp Newberry
Long Beach chef AC Boral adds the finishing touches to his signature Wu-Tang Flan.—Gazette photo by Michael Wada

He said that his friends encouraged him to do something more with the idea, so he decided to dedicate one of his pop-up meals to the band Wu-Tang Clan.

Boral started to advertise for the first pop-up on Instagram and Facebook. He called the get together “Enter the 36 Courses,”  — a play off of Wu-Tang Clan’s 1993 debut album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).”

The 36 courses will be spread out between different pop-ups. Courses one through four were served at the beginning of March and courses five through eight are expected to be announced for a pop-up in June.


Chef Ac Boral PopUp Newberry 3-10-18 W-44.jpg
Staff plates “Protect You Neck,” a pork belly poutine with a chipotle curry gravy and hand-cut fries.—Gazette photo by Michael Wada

“It’s going to be a multi-year project that we’re going to be doing,” Boral said. “All of the dishes will be named after a particular Wu-Tang song.”

The March pop-up happened at The Newberry in Los Angeles, with the June pop-up rumored to be happening in Long Beach.

Dishes served at The Newberry included “Uzi,” a brie, cheddar and apple grilled cheese with an oxtail and tomato sauce; “Protect You Neck,” a pork belly poutine with a chipotle curry gravy and hand-cut fries; “Shimmy Ya,” a surf and turf with chimichurri and ratatouille on the side; and finally — the dessert.

“Wu-Tang Clan is nothing to (expletive) with,” Boral said. “But also Wu-Tang Flan is nothing to (expletive) as well.”


Wu-Tang: Chef Ac Boral PopUp Newberry
Guests at the March 10 pop-up in Los Angeles celebrated their meal with the Wu-Tang sign.—Gazette photo by Michael Wada

The evening ended with Wu-Tang “W”-shaped flan with gold leaf toppings — something Boral said was the cherry on top of the entire evening.

All pop-ups are announced on Instagram (@acboral) or Facebook (facebook.com/chefacboral), with seating reserved on a first come, first served basis.

To learn more about Rice & Shine, or to reach out to Chef AC Boral, go to riceandshinebrunch.com.

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