Made a basic loaf

Made a basic loaf

Made a basic loaf. I was probably aiming for 78%? 2 sets of stretch and fold with 1 hr intervals in between, and then an overnight rest in the fridge. The dough was very agreeable this time. Easy to Rubaud, when shaping it was stretchy, and when proofed it was airy. It lost some of its pockets when I tried scoring it with a knife 🥲 Did not check for windowpane tho….

It’s chewy inside 😍😍 I think if I toast it the exterior will be crunchy and nicer~~ Goes so well with salted butter 🤤🤤 Gonna try with a wholegrain flour mix next~~


245g bread flour

Approx. 191g water (41°C) – Incorporated more water when stretching with wet hands

5g +/- instant dry yeast (> 3/4, < 1 tbsp)

7g sea salt

EVOO to lightly coat the bowl

*Bake 240°C preheated top-bottom oven for 17 mins with water bath below and misted, then fan for 13 mins. Charred the exterior top 😕To reduce temp. when changing to fan next time…

I should just let it take the shape of the whole rectangle loaf and roll it out long and tighter next time….. 🤔🤔