Maurizio’s Super Soft Sourdough Rolls

Maurizio’s Super Soft Sourdough Rolls

We had lots of good food yesterday for Thanksgiving, but I was especially happy with the dinner rolls that I made using Maurizio’s Super Soft Sourdough Rolls writeup.  As promised, these were soft, fluffy, baked up nicely tall, and just downright tasty.  Perfect with a little butter, and to mop up whatever was left on my plate!

I followed Maurizio’s instructions to the letter with two mods: (1) I only have AP flour on hand, so added some VWG to boost the protein content, and (2) I don’t have a Lloyd pan, but my 12″ CI skillet was a perfect substitute.

I snapped a few pics along the way on a busy day……

Dough portioned:

Rolls risen:

Baked and resting: