Maximum Pressure, Minimum Effort

If you already love your Instant Pot, you’ll go over the moon for these recipes that cook up your main dish and sides at the same time! Read on for 4 wholesome
dinners made faster and easier under pressure.

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An Entire Meal in Just One Pot? Here’s How: 

Electric pressure cookers, such as the Instant Pot, are great tools for busy people who want to eat nutritious meals. But did you know these handy small appliances can tackle more than one recipe at once? By stacking dishes right inside the pot, you can make chili and corn bread, curry and rice or turkey and stuffing at the same time – you get the idea!

To do this successfully, you’ll need two key pieces of equipment: a trivet with 2-inch-high legs (available on, plus a baking dish that fits inside the pressure cooker (a 7- to 7½-inch round metal baking dish with 3-inch-high sides works well).

Once you get the hang of this stacking method, you’ll be able to improvise with your own complete meals in the Instant Pot. Just remember to pair foods with similar cooking times, and place dense ingredients (such as beans or potatoes) on the bottom and layer delicate ingredients like veggies on top.