Mel’s Holiday Gift Guide: Kids/Teens

Today’s gift guide is for the kids or teens in your life! Below I have included all of the things my kids are “into” right now. As a point of reference, I have four boys (15, 14, 12, 10) and one girl (7). 

The kids you are shopping for may be at different ages or have different interests, but hopefully these ideas will be a good starting place. 

In addition, the past gift guides I’ve linked below have a lot of suggestions for younger kids (back when I was buying gifts for toddlers and young’uns). I know I probably don’t have to give this disclaimer over and over, but here it is: none of the products below are sponsored. They are things we’ve bought or been gifted by family/friends, and they truly are the favorites (there are a lot of things that never make the cut for these gift guides!).


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