Monastery bread mistakes analysis

Monastery bread mistakes analysis

Recipe in Russian (run it through the google translation)

I baked this bread several times with great success,  but this time I made several mistakes and the crumb surely shows it.

First thought looking at this crumb: weak starter

My liquid starter (made by fermenting white rye malt and raisins with small addition of vinegar)  was less bubbly and fizzy than I wanted. I can think of two reasons: 

-temperature of incubation was too high 

 -addition of vinegar was too big (and a piece of vinegar mother got into my jar, too)

Opara made with this ferment worked really slow. And I also made it too dense. 

Final dough was overhydrated.

So the final result is an extremely tasty and flavorful loaf with really ugly looking crumb. It’s rather acidic (which isn’t a feature of this bread, if made properly) but really nice to eat. The dense crumb has a pleasant,  soft, cakey mouthfeel.

And down below, a picture from my archive,  showing how this magnificent bread should look like: