Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies

Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies are a healthier way to eat cookies for breakfast. Save money and skip buying those expensive breakfast cookies at the store by making your own at home.

Kids and adults alike LOVE these easy breakfast cookies!


Breakfast and snacks are always hard for me. I’m not usually very hungry in the morning so I eat cereal, which leaves me starving after I exercise. These peanut butter breakfast cookies make the best snack for me for a quick bite after my workout.

Have you shopped the snack and granola bar aisle lately? There are so many breakfast replacement and granola bar choices these days and my daughter loves them all. Most of all, she loves the breakfast cookies. They’re not super bad for her so I’m okay with her having them but they’re so expensive: often $5 for 4! That’s why I created this recipe, to try and make a snack that she likes so she can have her cookie for breakfast but without all that cost.

I made banana breakfast cookies years ago and they got rave reviews, so I decided to make our favorite flavor this time: peanut butter with chocolate chips!

Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies have a bunch of healthy ingredients like whole wheat flower, oats, and flax seeds, making them a better choice for breakfast!

stack of peanut butter breakfast cookies

These cookies look like cookies. But they’re much healthier than regular treats…so you can eat them in the morning. I added mini chocolate chips because if I can have chocolate for breakfast I’m a happy girl, but you can leave that out.

Healthy breakfast cookies for the win!


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