Perfect Homemade Caramel Apples {Tons of Tricks + Best Caramel to Use}

In this tutorial for perfect homemade caramel apples, I’m sharing ALL my secrets and tips with you. Everything from how to avoid bubbles to the best caramel to use. All your frequently asked questions answered!

Honey crisp apple dipped in caramel and decorated with white chocolate and graham cracker crumbs.

Caramel apples are hands down, without a doubt one of my favorite treats to make. They are stunning to look at and crazy delicious to eat. Also? They aren’t that hard to make, believe it or not. The key to a perfect caramel apple – decked out in gourmet flavor combinations and decorations – is following a couple non-negotiable tips that will ensure tried-and-true success. 

I’m sharing all of those tips with you today! After almost a decade of making gourmet, homemade caramel apples, I have the process pretty much down to a science. #nerdalert

We’re going to talk about: what type of apples to use, how to avoid pesky bubbles in the caramel, the best caramel to use (homemade or store bought), how to perfectly prep the apples for optimal dipping, the best way to add toppings/decorations, and lots more.

I make dozens of these caramel apples every year for holiday gift giving and several times throughout the year for teacher gifts, take-in meals, special occasions, and sometimes just because life demands a homemade caramel apple.  


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