Raspberry Bars

Raspberry Bars

These Raspberry Bars are as easy as can be to make! This recipe uses cake mix, oats, and brown sugar to create a delicious crumble topping over the top of a raspberry jam filling. 

I feel like we’re pretty much stuck in an endless winter situation here in Ohio.

Yes, I know it’s only February. And yes, I also know that us midwesterners should be used to these dramatic weather changes, but it’s still annoying and I’m still going to whine about it.

Guys, it was 65 degrees 2 days ago and now we are expecting yet another winter storm.

One thing I do love about snow days is that Elle and I can get into the kitchen and whip up simple desserts that she can make almost entirely be herself.

Easy recipes like peanut butter pretzel bars, rice krispie treats and these raspberry bars are amongst some of our snow day favorites.


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