Rondayvous Journey

Rondayvous Journey

This bread was made using the quick ciabatta recipe here on the site, link below.

I made two changes. #1 I replaced 100g of bread flour with First Clear to get closer to the french flours. #2 as soon as the dough was pulling away from the mixing bowl, I put it into a well-oiled covered bowl and placed it in the fridge.

Left it there for about 16 hours before putting it on my kitchen table and letting it warm up and triple in the next 2 or three hours.

Here is the link to the original recipe:

It was cooked on a pizza stone on the next to the bottom shelf of my convection oven. I sprayed it with water every 5 minutes or so and cooked it at 500 degrees for about 30 minutes or so. It was never really touched I did the second proof on cloth and rolled it over onto parchment paper before putting it into the oven.