Rye with black sesame

Rye with black sesame

Inspiration from here https://przepisynadomowyserichleb.blogspot.com/2017/02/niemiecki-chleb-zytni-razowy.html?m=1

Sour preferment:

200g Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain hot cereal

200g lukewarm water 

20g g old rye starter from the fridge 

2g salt

Mix, let stand at least 24 hours. First couple hours in a warmer spot, then move to a cooler room temperature. It may be a little smelly at first, but this will vanish and will actually start smelling nice.



All of the above 

600g wholegrain rye flour 

500-600g lukewarm liquid (I used water mixed with acidic soy based kefir, but how about watermilk, apple cider,  beer etc.) 

10-12 g salt

6g dry yeast 

100g black sesame seeds (I used 70 sesame and 30 sunflower) 

Mix everything thoroughly,  knead with your fists, regulate flour and water if necessary 

Bulk ferment in a lukewarm spot 45-60 min

Place in a large prepared bread form, sprinkle generously with rye flour,  let proof without cover, 45-60 min

Bake 10 min at 450°F, then 50-60 at 390

Cool overnight before slicing

Very mild tasting bread with sweet nutty flavor from sesame seeds. Pleasant mouthfeel with soft texture of rye crumb and crunchiness of seeds. Surprisingly, rather low acidity. Smells like a field of rye in the summer