Simple rye formula ❤

Simple rye formula ❤

I was looking through my archives and thought this simple formula was worth saving and sharing 


1/1/1 (by weight) starter/water/flour

Mix in a transparent container, let ferment in a lukewarm place until bubbly, move to cooler place,  let ferment until the top starts falling and the smell is acidic

Average ferment time 12-16 hours 


1/1/1 (by weight) preferment/water/flour

Salt, as needed

Mix, bulk ferment in warm place until nicely expanded and gets crackly on surface, on average 1-2 hour


Place in pan, cover, proof until cracked bubbles start showing on surface, about 45-60 minutes 


Dock, if desired. Brush with water or thinned dough

Bake in preheated oven in descending temperature 475/425/375°F

Exact baking time will depend on the size of your loaf, on average 45-60 minutes