Speedy pizza and my outdoor baking setup

Speedy pizza and my outdoor baking setup

First days of really warm weather and after working in the garden all day yesterday we thought we really deserved pizza.

Fast recipe, inspired by one on the back of the bag of flour: 

1kg Anna Napoletana 00 flour 

680 g lukewarm tap water

12-15g salt

7 g dry yeast 

Mix everything into a rough dough.  Do 2-3 stretch and folds.  Let the dough double,  then divide into balls ( I did 6)

While the balls proof,  preheat 2 terracotta saucers in your outdoor bbq grill, about 30-45 minutes at least.  You may, but don’t have to,  use round grill pans and parchment paper circles. And, unfortunately, you will have to experiment with times and temperatures,  because grills have their own quirks and caprices. You may of course use a regular pizza stone as well. 

For my hubby and son I made cheese and pepperoni pizza and for

all of us tomato and vegan nduja