The 38 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

The 38 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

At the beginning of this decade all eyes were on Paris, which was experiencing the peak of the so-called bistronomie movement. London quickly followed with a restaurant and food truck surge that changed the culinary landscape in the British capital for good. But now, Amsterdam is booming. Now that its world-famous museums have reopened in the last few years (after simultaneous closures for refurbishments), the Dutch capital is attracting more tourists than ever, and the rattle of their suitcase wheels can be heard all along the canals.

Looking only for what’s new and hot? Head to the Amsterdam Heatmap. But for the utterly quintessential, listed in geographic order, read on.

April 2018 Update

The Amsterdam dining scene is still booming, but things have settled down a bit, meaning fewer “flavor of the month” places (don’t mention the Avocado Show) and more serious restaurants that have upped their game.

New to the list are De Kas, Bolenius, and Daalder, three restaurants that have been around for some time, but for various reasons have suddenly become significantly more relevant to the Amsterdam dining scene.
The emerging wine scene in Amsterdam is reflected here as well, via list holdover Café De Klepel as well as new additions Glou Glou and the Lobby Fizeaustraat.

To make room for the newcomers, we say goodbye to 13 restaurants that for whatever reason have lost their luster, including Merkelbach, La Rive, Slagerij de Leeuw, Bord’Eau, Nam Kee, Gebroeders Niemeijer, La Perla, Conservatorium Brasserie & Lounge, Le Garage, Par Hasard, the Fat Dog, and Twenty Third Bar. Sadly, Haringstal Ab Kromhout closed last year when its owner passed away.

Price Key

$ = Less than €15 (16 USD)

$$ = €16 – €39 (18 – 44 USD)

$$$ = €40 – €66 (45 – 73 USD)

$$$$ = €66 (74 USD) and up