The Best Homemade Glazed Donuts

I have tried a million homemade donut recipes, so believe me when I say: these really are the best homemade glazed donuts on the planet. They are so delicious! TONS of step-by-step pictures and tips and tricks for foolproof homemade donuts!

stacked homemade glazed donuts with one broken in half

As promised, finally (!!), here is the recipe you’ve been waiting for. The best homemade glazed donuts on the planet. And that is literally one thousand percent no exaggeration.

I posted about these babies on my Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago when my daughter and I made them, and I couldn’t believe how many of you went crazy. Some of you even demanded the recipe be posted within the hour. 

Listen, I can’t blame you. I really can’t.

It took me a few weeks longer than an hour to get this recipe posted, but I promise it is worth the wait. I’ve made so many homemade donut recipes in the past, and after making this recipe dozens of times, my family and I agree: it is definitely the best homemade donut recipe ever.


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