The sfincione Palermitano is born!

The sfincione Palermitano is born!

Inspired by, the pizza bible. However, this bake morphed into something completely different. Thick Brooklyn style. Specifically Armondo’s, Canarsie-Brooklyn, Rockaway Parkway. (L train station) Thick Sicilian pizza.

The sfincione Palermitano is born. AKA, It’s hip to be square


18X12 half sheet pan. 1,100 grams of dough. Three-day dough: Day one starter refresh/build. On day two, mix the final dough. 28 hr. cold ferment/Two hr. room temperature final proof. I realized I was out of barley malt. I substituted 2% Brown sugar. The rest is as written

This performance is coming to you live, from Greenwich Village- Manhattan N.Y.C. ETA to bake & update

“T” minus 30hrs.