Top-Shelf Turmeric

This ancient, immunity-boosting ingredient is making its way from the spice cabinet to ultra-clean packaged goods. Here’s the latest crop of coveted turmeric-infused foods.

1. Golden Glow

Joya’s brand new Glow Turmeric Elixir Blend features some of the best botanicals in traditional medicine like ashwagandha, shown to reduce blood sugar levels, and pine pollen, associated with improved memory. Mix the bright golden powder seamlessly into nearly anything, from smoothies to iced lattes to pancakes, to boost your glow from the inside out. $45,

2. Savory Flavors 

For a savory, protein-packed snack on the go, check out Karma Nuts Wrapped Cashews in Golden Turmeric. A blend of good-for-you spices like chile, pepper, lime, sea salt and turmeric flavor up these air-roasted nuts. $25,

3. Kitchen Shortcuts 

Put your peeling and grating days behind you with Kovi Kai Elixirs. Made with organic, biodynamically grown roots from Hawaii, these cold-pressed turmeric triangles can simply be added to a pot of broth to immediately give your meal a boost in flavor, color and antioxidant content. $10,

4. Better-For-You Latte

Hop on the golden latte trend with Four Sigmatic’s Golden Latte with Turkey Tail mix. This delicious blend, made creamy with organic coconut powder, contains powdered turkey tail mushrooms, an ancient ingredient packed with an impressive assortment of phenol and flavonoid antioxidants.$20, 

5. World’s Healthiest Chocolate Bar

Gourmet chocolate brand Compartés may just make the healthiest chocolate bar you’ll ever eat. The Organic Vegan Detox Bar is 75% dark chocolate infused with healthful natural ingredients like turmeric, ginger and lemon and is free of soy, dairy, refined sugar and GMOs. $10,

6. A Stomach Settler

Inspired by a traditional family recipe, The Ginger People’s Ginger Soother is a sweet-yet-spicy ginger-based drink made with soothing ingredients like honey, lemon juice and, of course, turmeric – plus it’s infused with black pepper, which greatly improves the bioavailability of the turmeric and enhances its beneficial properties. $2,